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Top 7 Things About YouTube Channels That You Should Know?

About YouTube Channels

YouTube has been the primary platform for digital creators and businesses, offering relevance to diverse audiences. However, with saturation, growing on the platform has become challenging. Many users, overwhelmed by time-consuming content, seek answers on how to delete a YouTube channel. Whether due to content saturation or other reasons, we provide a step-by-step guide on permanently deleting a YouTube channel. Explore the top 7 things to know about YouTube channels and address your digital legacy.

1. How to delete YouTube channel?

  • Open your YouTube profile on a web browser, click on the profile picture, and select “Settings.”
  • Click on “View Advanced Settings” under your YouTube channel name.
  • Scroll down and find the last option, “Delete Channel.”
  • Choose “Permanently Delete” to remove your channel completely; ignore the “Hide” option if you want to delete it.
  • Confirm your decision by providing your email ID when prompted.
  • Follow the additional questions to ensure you want to permanently delete your YouTube channel.

2. How to delete a YouTube video?

Deleting a YouTube video is a crucial decision with potential impacts on your channel’s traffic. Recent videos with minimal views can be safely deleted, but exercise caution with older, high-view videos. Deletion is irreversible, leading to the loss of individual statistics, while aggregate data persists. Careful consideration is vital, as removing a high-view video may harm your channel’s traffic.


Accuracy and quality control are paramount in content creation. Correctable issues can be addressed using YouTube’s correction cards, with deletion reserved for unfixable problems like inaccuracies or consistent mispronunciations. YouTube videos, each with a unique URL, are irreplaceable. Alternatives, such as editing via YouTube Studio, allow the preservation of a video’s history, likes, and recommendations by trimming or cutting offending segments.


If deletion is necessary, follow these steps:


  1. Navigate to YouTube Studio.
  2. Select “Content” from the left menu.
  3. Hover over the video, select “Options,” and choose “Delete Forever.”

Mobile (Android and iOS):

  1. Open the YouTube app.
  2. Navigate to the library.
  3. Select “Delete” from the More menu and confirm.


Explore alternatives like editing in YouTube Studio or using correction cards to update descriptions. Correction videos or follow-ups can present a positive approach by elaborating on topics and generating new content. Keep your audience informed through posts and maintain transparency during the correction process.

3. How to delete the history of YouTube Channel?

When you log into YouTube, your activities, including watched videos and searches, are recorded for personalized recommendations. To safeguard your privacy, clearing your YouTube channel history is essential. Please note that clearing it only removes data from your device, not YouTube’s servers.


How to Clear YouTube History:

  1. Visit YouTube and log in.
  2. Click the “≡” menu in the upper corner to open the YouTube menu.
  3. Select History.
  4. Delete individual videos or your entire watch history.

Clearing both watch and search history removes recommendations from the homepage but not favorited videos or subscribed channels.


Advanced Methods for Multiple Devices:

For a comprehensive sweep:

  • In the YouTube mobile app, open Settings, tap the Library icon and select History Settings to clear search or watch history.
  • On your computer, open YouTube in the browser, access Settings, and click Clear all Watch History and/or Clear all Search History.

Using “Incognito” Mode:

Avoid clearing history by using Incognito mode:

  • In the YouTube app, tap your account, go to Settings, and turn on Incognito.

Pausing YouTube History:


You can also pause history:

  • On your browser, visit, click History, and choose Pause Watch History or Pause Search History.
  • On the iPhone app, tap Library, go to History, and toggle on Pause Watch History, Pause Search History, or both.

4. How to find deleted YouTube videos?

Find deleted YouTube videos can be challenging, but here are a few options to explore:

Contact YouTube Support: If the video is deleted but still visible to others, reach out to YouTube’s support team for possible restoration.
Check the Wayback Machine: Explore the Wayback Machine, an internet archive, for potential copies of the deleted video dating back to the 1990s.
Re-upload from Your Computer: If you have the video file, attempt re-uploading it to YouTube. Adjust the title or description to avoid copyright issues.
Access from Backup: If you have a channel backup, try accessing it through YouTube Studio or contact YouTube’s support to locate the deleted video.

While finding old or deleted YouTube videos is not always straightforward, these options offer potential avenues for recovery.

5. How to delete a YouTube channel on an iPhone?

To delete your YouTube channel on your iPhone:


  1. Open the YouTube app and tap your profile picture.
  2. Go to “Settings” (gear icon) on your account page.
  3. Scroll down, tap “Your channel,” and go to “Advanced settings.”
  4. Find and tap “Delete channel” at the bottom.
  5. Confirm the action, read the consequences, and tap “Delete my channel.”
  6. Enter your account password for security.


Remember, deleting your channel is irreversible and removes all associated content, so backup and inform subscribers beforehand.

6. How to delete YouTube search history on your phone?

To delete your YouTube history on both mobile and PC:

  1. Open YouTube and tap your profile icon.
  2. Go to “Your data in YouTube” and select “Manage your YouTube Watch History.”
  3. Choose “DELETE” and select the desired option (delete today, custom range, or delete all time).
  4. Confirm the action.

To delete specific videos from watch history:

  1. Tap your profile icon and go to “Manage your YouTube Watch History.”
  2. Find the video in the list, tap the cross icon, and confirm.

To auto-delete YouTube history:

  1. Tap the profile icon, go to “Your data in YouTube,” and select “Manage your YouTube Watch History.”
  2. Choose “Auto-delete,” turn it on, and select the desired duration.

To delete YouTube search history:

Unfortunately, you can’t directly clear the search history. However, you can delete specific videos:

  1. Tap the profile icon, go to “Manage your YouTube Search History,” and delete individual searches.

To pause YouTube history:

  1. Open the YouTube app, tap the profile icon, and go to “Your data in YouTube.”
  2. Choose “Manage your YouTube Watch History” and turn off or pause the history.

Remember, actions like deleting history are irreversible, so proceed with caution.

7. How to delete a playlist on YouTube?

  1. Log in to YouTube and go to the Library page.
  2. Scroll down to find your playlists and click “View full playlist” for the one you want to delete.
  3. Click the three dots on the left, and in the drop-down menu, select “Delete playlist.”
  4. Confirm the deletion in the pop-up window.

To delete a YouTube playlist on your mobile:

  1. Open the YouTube app on your iPhone or Android.
  2. Tap on the “Library” tab at the bottom right.
  3. Under the “Playlists” section, select the playlist you want to delete.
  4. Press the delete icon (trash can) and confirm the deletion in the pop-up.

If you want to remove another creator’s playlist from your library:

  1. Go to your Library page on YouTube.
  2. Find the playlist created by another account and click “View full playlist.”
  3. Instead of a drop-down menu, locate the symbol with lines and a checkmark.
  4. Click “Remove from Library” to delete it from your playlists.

These steps help keep your playlists organized and remove unwanted content easily.


Managing YouTube channels requires careful consideration, as deleting a channel or video involves irreversible decisions impacting content visibility and audience engagement. Clearing YouTube history is crucial for privacy, offering options to delete individual videos, entire watch/search history, or use advanced methods. Utilizing features like “Incognito” mode and pausing history provides additional control.

Finding deleted YouTube videos is challenging, but options include reaching out to support, checking the Wayback Machine, re-uploading, or accessing backups. Deleting a YouTube channel on iPhones involves navigating settings and confirming the irreversible action, while managing search and watch history requires specific steps on both phones and computers.

Deleting a playlist on YouTube, whether on a computer or mobile, involves accessing the Library, selecting the playlist, and confirming deletion. Removing another creator’s playlist from your library follows a similar process.

In conclusion, understanding the steps and consequences of channel deletion, video removal, or playlist management is crucial. User discretion and awareness of irreversible actions are essential for maintaining a digital presence on YouTube.

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