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Facebook Marketing Expert in Panchkula

Facebook marketing is a medium that suggests a variety of positively targeted paid advertisements and organic posts, allowing brands to put their products and services in front of a enormous audience. Over the previous decade, Facebook has progressed from the most well-known social medium on the internet into one of the biggest marketplaces.


Social Media Marketing Agency For Small Business


Facebook has over 1.79 billion unique monthly active users spending at least 30 minutes per day on the site. Facebook ads give business owners the capability to finely target and get a specific consumer market, all without breaking the bank on their marketing budget.

Daira Technologies Facebook advertising services support businesses of all sizes to transform their digital marketing approaches by:


Developing higher Facebook engagement on organic and boosted posts
Improving referral traffic to your website from Facebook
Building a solid fan base of returning clients
Gathering data—including contact knowledge—about new and future customers
Driving modifications through dynamic buyer-stage marketing

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Our Facebook Marketing Services Process

Our process for Facebook is similar to our process for marketing in general: TRACK > TEST > TWEAK > REPEAT. You can’t maximize what you fail to estimate and track. Better data equals better outcomes.


Completing a demand analysis of your service areas and industry
Seeing local competitors currently outperforming you in audience size and engagement
Analyzing content and messaging that performs nicely in your industry


Exploring content that has increased engagement with your audience
Posting and scheduling routine posts
Monitoring engagement and interaction


Building custom audiences to best target your company and brand
Creating copy and imagery for high-performing social ads
Split-testing ad copy
Reporting and improving paid social ads


Tracking your audience and reach
Tracking engagement rates
Tracking click-through-rate and leads
Tracking your ROI on paid social campaigns
Managing and tweaking parameters for each campaign
Monitoring engagement and interaction from the customer base
Monitoring engagement, leads, and sales from campaigns
Building your audience across appropriate social channels


Marketing automation
Customer retention email
Win-back email campaigns
And more!
Facebook advertising serves ideas, ads, images, and posts to a targeted audience through the Facebook platform and ad network. If you desire to get your message in front of the people who matter, Facebook advertising is the route to go.
Facebook ads permit text, images, videos, slideshows, and a variety of other creative options to be displayed on your advertisement for maximum audience engagement. You’re capable to target your audience based on:
People who have visited your website
Buy behavior
Digital activities
Third-party knowledge like spending habits and client profiles
You may also choose how much you want to pay per click or consume per mille (cost per 1000 impressions).
Facebook Ad Management: An Affordable Option to Paid Search Ads
The price per interaction on Facebook is generally lower than on Google AdWords or Bing Ads, so if you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative or supplement to pay per click, provide Facebook advertising a try!
Why is Facebook suitable for marketing?
Reach a Wide Audience
Alignment with Both B2C & B2B Businesses
Full-Funnel Targeting with Multiple Forms of Engagement
Facebook’s audience reach is highly transparent.
Psychographic Targeting
Variety of Ad Formats
Drive Traffic Directly to Your Site
Keep Your Existing Audience Engaged
Mesurable Performance


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