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5 SEO Best Practices to Improve Your Rankings

SEO Best Practices

Hey, I have a question for you don’t worry!! I am not going to ask you how much you earn. But Whenever you search for something on google how many times have you visited the second page of the search result? You can take time to think but I know 99% of you will say never.


Now let’s move one step further. I’ll ask you a question again! How many times did you go on to the last 3 websites of the search result ( 1 page)? If I am not wrong very rarely have you visited them as we all mostly see top 3 websites that’s it

My whole point of doing this little survey with you was to practically make you understand how important is the ranking of your website on top of the search engine result page.


If you want to take your business to next level and grow it rapidly and organically without spending a penny on paid media. Then you must read this blog till the end. Because in this I will share with you SEO Best Practices To Improve Your SEO Rankings.


I Assure you if you read this blog till the end properly. And implement these practices you will be way ahead of your competitors.






As you have read the heading now let me elaborate on this. How will you feel if I say it you to watch a video 100 times? Your mind will get frustrated and dull. The same goes with google if you will post copied content and irrelevant content on google. It won’t rank you in search engine result pages.


Google always likes fresh content and google wants users to spend more time on its platform. So they always rank those websites that have fresh and relevant content.


So to improve your content you should…


. Research – Before writing your content you should at least read 4 to 5 blogs. That is coming on top of the result page on the keyword you want to target. It will help you write better content than other people as well as it will improve your knowledge.


. User-friendly – These days people only have an attention span of a few seconds. And users have multiple options to shift upon. So if you want them to stay on your website you need to write content according to them. As if you will write some heavy words that are not possible for a normal user to understand they will move on to another website.

So always write content keeping in mind the people whom you are targeting.


. Keywords & Headings – You should properly set all your headings as it is very important. Because the user is going to see that at first and you should include relevant keywords in your blog more about this later in the blog.




Once you have written your content here your work does not end. if one thing is today running in the market. It may or may not have the same popularity in the next 6 months. Or there is some change in that but you have written content keeping things in mind that was 6 months back.


But now things have changed. So why should not your content be as you have read previously google promotes fresh and relevant content. So you need to regularly update your content on your website to always be on top of the result page.




Another crucial trick to rank on the top is to add images to your blog. And website As the average human attention span is around 8.25 seconds. If you will add some images to your blog it will make it more attractive and eye Cathy and that’s a fantastic thing to sustain user on your website.


Once you have selected images to add to your website now is time to optimize them. Now you have to give a name to that image and add alt text to it ( your main keyword) it will improve your ranking.




It will not matter how good your content is. If you have not written an attractive title as users don’t know what s inside the blog. Before clicking on it To make a user click on your blog you need to add a catchy title so that they visit your website.


You should also write subheadings in your blog. So that if the user came for or looking for a specific thing they should find it easily. Otherwise, no one has time to read a long blog line by line. And always keep your headings and subheadings in bold letters.


It will also help google crawler to properly see what’s indie your blog and simultaneously it will improve your ranking.




Maybe you can write good content, but you won’t rank until you add the main keyword to your whole content. It’s crucial to add your focus keyword in your content at least 6 to 8 times. And this number also depends on the length of your article.


Focus keyword which you are choosing you must check how many searches are there for that keyword and what’s the competition on that these things matter.


Along with using a focus keyword, you should have some more keywords related to your main topic as subheadings it will improve your ranking.




So these were some of the SEO Best Practices To Improve Rankings from my side were important. One thing I would like to mention at the end is that Things Take Time you need to be patient and put effort consistently to get results as SEO is not a process of a few days it takes months so be patient and keep hustling.



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