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Top 20 Graphic Design Companies In Melbourne

Design is a skill that many businesses may learn, but only the most talented graphic design businesses will advance it. It can be challenging to build a name brand in a field that is as fiercely competitive as graphic design.

Nevertheless, there are a number of graphic design companies in Melbourne and agencies operating globally that have succeeded in standing out from the competition and gaining recognition on a global scale. They have become some of the most coveted and well-known graphic design firms on the planet thanks to their A-list customers, varied portfolios, and visibility both locally and internationally.

Our hand-curated list of partners who provide graphic design services in Melbourne will help you choose the best service provider for your company. Browse vetted customer reviews, thorough service descriptions, company profiles, accolades, and portfolios to get the facts you need to make an informed choice. With confidence, pick your next graphic design firm!


1.Daira Technologies PVT LTD COMPANY


Fastest Growing  IT Consulting company among top 20 graphic design companies in melbourne.

Daira Technologies ensures highest levels of conviction and contentment through a deep-set of commitment to our associates and clients, with comprehensive IT support to set them in the global market.


We as one of the top 20 graphic design companies in Melbourne are playing an important role when it comes to creating better visibility and creating a unique identity online. These include the images, typography, navigation, motion graphics, brand’s logo, user interface, and other elements. Daira Technologies has a professional team to provide the best graphic designing services across India that will help you to provide the best and effective visual graphics that will help to run your marketing campaigns effectively.


We have a professional team of designers and content creators who are the best Graphic Designers in this industry. We have created many impressive and eye-popping graphic designs for many businesses around the world. 


Locations:-  SCO 47, Second Floor, Sector 11, Panchkula

Email :-

Contact no. +91-6280511321



The following services are provided: naming, packaging, sound design, editorial design, environmental graphics, book design, campaigns, data visualization, digital design, editorial design, industrial/product design, film and motion graphics, interior and product design.




To demonstrate the strength of your product, ENOSTA develops and implements cutting-edge product design and digital branding strategies. To ensure the success of your plan, we provide complete digital solutions comprising branding, web development, design, and digital marketing. A cohesive Product Design & Digital Branding created by our team of inquisitive, imaginative, motivated, and critical thinkers will alter how the market perceives and experiences your brand.


With the tagline “Unbox Your Growth,” we want to help SMEs and startups around the world emphasize the benefits of their products and expand as we expand our company. We also want to become the Top-of-Mind Digital Branding Agency in Vietnam.




DESIGN & UI/UX – Using the best UI/UX techniques, we create user-friendly digital experiences that are optimized for web, tablet, and mobile devices. Our designers, who have expertise working for startups as well as large corporations, consider the functionality and various use cases in an effort to produce a hierarchy with clever structure and pixel-perfect beauty.


4. The Digital Agency And MineTM


We Do It If It’s DigitalTM

Your digital lifeline is us. In the past 20+ years, we have completed more than 500,000 hours of work for our clients. Everything has been seen and resolved online, frequently first in Australia. starting from the top of the brand and funnel marketing all the way down to the core technology and integrations. We are only interested in real-world outcomes rather than trendy terms or superficial measures. We start by listening and speak quickly. In the initial conversation, we’ll evaluate your situation and give you a better plan. Test us, please.

5.99d Studio


The branding firm for 99designs is called 99d Studio.

We are a team of skilled creative directors, brand strategists, and project managers who provide full-service branding and marketing campaigns for innovative business owners and marketers. 

We provide:

– Fixed-price full-service packages

– A committed creative director is in charge of your project.

From strategy to execution, we control the whole process.

Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can create a remarkable brand identity for your company.


6.C3X: Australia’s


We seek out organizations who embrace next practise as well as best practise in our collaborations. Our entire team at C3X Australia is on a mission to use immersive visual experiences to help you turn your ideas into reality. This includes anything from 3D visualizations, animations, video, timelapse, map animations, and videography to 360° visual tours and everything in between. We provide exceptional services throughout Australia and beyond, discovering new opportunities at every chance. 


Our projects have helped clients in almost every sector so far, including infrastructure, architecture, construction, education, engineering, health, government, real estate, telecom, and utilities. In order to bring incredible projects and experiences to life and create engaging project success stories, we coordinate our capabilities with those of our clients throughout the process.


7.Logo Ventures Australia


You should get in touch with Logo Ventures Australia right away if you’re looking to employ a reputable logo design company to make a good logo design for your website. For your website, our incredibly competent logo designers can produce the best high resolution animated GIF logo design. Contact us for a quote by phone!


8.Principle Design


We are Principle Design, a full-service creative firm of design strategists, and we design with principle. Our areas of expertise include brand strategy, graphic design, wayfinding strategy, digital & print design and we are among top 20 graphic design companies in melborune. Strategy is the main emphasis of our distinctive design methodology. 


We are visual strategists, not just graphic designers. After learning about your demands, we come up with a design plan that will help you reach your objectives. Our goal is to work with morally upright groups to create innovative design approaches that will increase the influence of innovators and change agents in the community, cultural, business, and built environment sectors.


9.Gray Puksand


An Australian architecture and integrated design firm called Gray Puksand has offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. Our mission is to build an inspired future through thoughtful, beautiful projects that enhance how people work, study, and live. Everything we produce is rooted in the human experience.




The passion we have for all forms of print design and pixel-based solutions sets Charcoal Creative, a Melbourne-based graphic design and digital development business, apart from the top 20 graphic design companies. Since 1997, Charcoal has created brands and delivered effective corporate communications. Charcoal is able to offer businesses needing brand articulation throughout the print and digital sector end-to-end business solutions.


11. K Design + Advertising


K Design + Advertising

Your Professional Design Solution

KDA was created by a group of creative individuals working together to support clients in achieving their marketing objectives. Our designers continue to advance and have years of relevant industry expertise behind them. For our clients, we are here to offer practical design solutions.


Our platform enables talented people from various backgrounds and areas of expertise to collaborate and provide value-added graphic and web design services. They can produce high-quality work at a set price while working remotely to reduce the time required for meetings and travel, which lowers our operational costs. We therefore pass these savings along to our customers. Utilizing the adaptability of online communication and our dedication, you, as our client, will enjoy efficient work development from the beginning to the end of assignments.


12. Blueboat


Design Studio for Brands and Communications

A diverse and self-assured group of graphic and online designers, strategists, photographers, film makers, and project managers make up the team at Blueboat, a brand and communication design agency. The finest results for our clients are ensured by our capacity to mix these skills and abilities internally.


13 Seesaw


Melbourne-based Seesaw is a multi-award-winning design studio. precisely in North Melbourne. We strike a mix between the high-end communications agency services and our love of design. We value excellent work, excellent clientele, and excellent studio culture. concepts and visuals. Solutions and plans. Imagination and coffee. Every aspect of what we do makes us happy, and we like sharing it with our clients.


14. Blink Creative


With over 20 years of expertise, Blink is a full-service creative firm with a focus on branding, creative design, and digital.

We thrive on assisting our clients in creating, transforming, and upholding powerful and alluring brands. We stand out because of our unique blend of strategy, creativity, and customer-centric thinking in everything from new brand development to brand refreshes to one-off creative projects.


15. Melbourne Logo Designs


One of the top logo design companies in the world, Melbourne Logo Design works with brands across all commercial sectors to create expertly designed logos. Our team of exceptional logo designers has expertise designing incredible logos for brands all over the world.


16. Local Peoples


A firm of strategic design is called Local Peoples.

Our area of expertise is brand identity and experience design that is human-centered and one of the among top 20 graphic design companies. We design and create thriving, resourceful communities using genuine community interaction, placemaking, content creation, brand strategy, and digital services.


We also publish Matters Publication, a biannual print and weekly online journal that features intriguing tales from the design, art, technology, culinary, medical, and environmental industries.


Being the change we want to see in the world is a promise Local Peoples has made to our community and clients as a B Corp-accredited company. To better our planet for next generations, we use business as a force for good.


17. Flexbox Digital.


Melbourne-based Flexbox Digital is a user-centered, creative digital agency with experience in social media, branding, design, e-commerce, and content creation. To assist businesses in attracting and converting more customers, we combine creativity, content, and technology. We are well aware of the components your website would require for optimal performance.


18. Show & Tell Studio


Show & Tell Creative, a company with offices in Melbourne’s central business district, provides clients with innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions for all aspects of branding, graphic design, web design, and web development. Our ability to carefully listen to our client’s brief, evaluate their needs, and develop creative thoughts, concepts, and ideas is what sets us apart from the competition from concept to implementation. This success is a product of more than just our design talent.


19. BEAM Creative.


BEAM is a full-service firm that offers strategy, creative work, and activation. Its two directors have a combined total of over 45 years of expertise in the marketing, design, print, and branding fields.

We are your devoted brand and marketing team, at your disposal.


As the only agency that consistently tests and measures the market and its marketing efforts in an effort to provide excellent results based on strong strategy and market research, we provide accountable and responsible marketing.

Making marketing responsible is our goal!


20. Confetti Design 


We at Confetti Design are experts in branding and website design for the Bayside and Melbourne areas.

Confetti Design’s main goal is to assist businesses in becoming more well-known online by making the process simple and cost-effective without sacrificing quality. We share a stake in your achievement.We continue to provide you with solid digital marketing and SEO services once your lovely site is online.


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