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5 Best AI Video Editing Software 2024

Discover the best AI video editing software in 2024 for a seamless workflow. Here we cover free & paid options for video editing effortlessly with AI (artificial intelligence).


The QI videos have the future of the digitally changing marketing spaces of the companies. Videos are a major part of modern marketing and sales techniques since people view them for extended periods. In addition, it promotes growth and conversion. With the aid of competent video editors, you may produce videos without outsourcing or other outside assistance.


The video editing industry’s future lies in artificial intelligence. Additionally, several services or video producers currently support AI video editing. Let’s explore the benefits of AI video editing as well as some of the top AI video editors that can support the growth of the business you run.


It can be hard to find time for video editing company . Have you ever had a feeling that there are just too many things to get done and not enough hours in the day?


As everyone knows, editing a video can take a lot of time. AI video editors are therefore useful tools for a productive workflow. They finish things for you, saving you valuable time and energy. Making edits to your video footage is simple and seamless when you use the correct editor.


It also doesn’t have to be difficult to get a top-notch AI video editor. To learn more about the available options, see our list of the top software.

What is AI video editing?

Some editing tasks are carried out automatically by AI video software. These useful tools can be used in place of manually editing certain parts of your video.

Aspects of your film can be identified, examined, and altered by AI video editors. They identify elements of your video, such as backdrops and objects, using algorithms. These editors can then automate some editing activities thanks to artificial intelligence.

Not every AI editor is capable of automating the same tasks. Nonetheless, AI techniques are available to modify color, lighting, frame, and other aspects. AI video editors can be downloaded as software or accessed online.

What do video bloggers do?

In place of text-based blogs, which originally appeared in the early 2000s, video bloggers produce vlogs or blogs that use video as their main media. In comparison to writing, videos transmit a lot more information. Video blogs therefore have more viewing capacity and a higher chance of going viral.

Choosing the best AI video editing Software

Finding the perfect AI video editing software might be hard. Each user has unique demands, after all. You need the appropriate tools for your project, whether you’re editing a long video or making quick snippets for social media. To choose the best editor for you, you need to take into account a few things. Software features might differ, as can the breadth of functionality offered by different editors. It’s wise to be aware of what you’re getting into before hiring an editor. To help you in selecting the finest AI video editor, we’ve outlined the following crucial factors.

The Ease of Use

Using an advanced piece of software is not only frightening but also ineffective for untrained editors. It can take a lot of time to learn to use an editor, especially one that is complicated.

A more user-friendly platform is preferable if you want to finish your videos quickly and easily. Editors that are easy to use and provide quick output, such as Riverside, are excellent choices.

AI Quickness

You should use an AI video editor, among other things, to save time. For this reason, having a tool that operates swiftly is essential to completing the task. Many AI systems take longer than others to finish tasks such as producing subtitles or putting together videos. To avoid having to wait around for tasks to be completed, it’s essential to understand how quickly an AI video editor works.


Utilizing an AI editor you believe is the best choice. An unsure experience when the software freezes runs carefully, or has issues is the last thing you want. You can rely on reliable AI tools to be a vital component of your workflow and they are perfect for continuous use.

Looking through feedback from others is an excellent way to ensure that an AI editor is reliable. To make the software better, you should also think about how often the developers update it.

Additional Features

You might have the ability to use a variety of AI features, depending on the software you use. A lot of these depend on the video editor’s capacity to recognize and assess specific segments of your video.

Adobe Premiere Pro, for instance, has Scene Edit Detection. Using this tool, a longer video can be automatically divided into sections. Some video editing software can automatically assemble videos by identifying faces, dialogue, and other elements. With the help of these features, you can simplify your work process and cross some items off your to-do list.


Best AI Video Editors to simplify your workflow

1. DaVinci Resolve 18.5

Price: $295

There are many AI tools in DaVinci Resolve’s latest version. You can get your teeth stuck into a lot of things, like the DaVinci Neural Engine. Among the tasks this tool can perform is the analysis of audio and video clips. This software can be utilized for tracking object movements or for isolating specific video elements.

Key Features:

  • Automatic speech-to-text to generate video subtitles
  • Proxy Generator App to create proxies from camera originals automatically
  • Neural Engine AI is sorting audio clips automatically based on classification
  • Your video’s animal and food elements should be immediately isolated so that effects can be applied.


  • Advanced AI abilities
  • Continually updated software


  • Complex software with a steep learning curve for novices
  • The platform is not instinctive or streamlined

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Price: From $20.99/mo

Of the editors on this list, Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most sophisticated. Although robust and feature-rich software can be difficult to use, it provides a wealth of AI capabilities. In addition to useful tools like auto re framing a plethora of options are provided. With the Color Match tool, you can use AI to create consistent, smooth coloring across clips, and with Morph Cuts, you can create seamless transitions between clips.

Key Features:

  • The two distinct video clips’ colors are matched by the Color Match AI tool.
  • Face Detection is useful for skin tone coloring because it can identify individual faces.
  • Using morph cuts, your video will appear to be shot in one take as opposed to several jump cuts.
  • Scene Edit Detection inserts an extended video automatically into every scene.
  • To alter the aspect ratio of a video, use auto-resizing.


  • Editing of high-resolution videos
  • Competitive editing tools, like a cutting-edge AI software
  • It can be used for experienced, professional, industry-level content creation


  • More expensive
  • The complex platform

3. Riverside

Price: Free; paid plans from $15/mo

Riverside is an online tool for editing and recording videos. You can finish editing your video with a plethora of useful, user-friendly tools in its text-based editor. AI tools for modifying and repurposing video are among them.

The based editor uses over 100 language sets of extremely accurate AI transcriptions. By making simple edits to your transcript, you can instantly make changes to your video. Without having to watch them once more for hours, it’s a fast and easy way of trimming your videos. Additionally, you can remove awkward silences from your video or use our search bar to locate a specific phrase there.

Additionally, Riverside offers a specific AI tool that makes it very easy to turn your lengthy content into brief, social media-worthy videos. Once you click the Magic Clips button and record as usual, you can leave the rest to AI. The AI extracts the most important parts of your recording into brief clips; the number of clips you receive will vary based on the duration of your recording.

Additionally, there is the AI speaker view tool, which is perfect for maintaining the speaker’s focus during an interview or podcast.

Key Features:

  • Unmatched accuracy in over 100 languages is achieved through AI transcriptions. Ideal for repurposing content into blogs or expanding your reach with captions.
  • Text-based video editing: when you remove text from your transcript, the corresponding video in your recording is also deleted.
  • The AI Speaker View tool automatically shows who is speaking at that moment.
  • Create distinct audio and video tracks so you have the most control over post-production.
  • With the Editor tool’s Magic Clips feature, you can easily transform your long-form content into short, shareable videos that are ideal for social media uploads. You can also add a logo or change the video’s background using AI.
  • Create layouts for your video that adhere to the widely used aspect ratios on social media.


  • Free online transcription generator tool
  • Easy, intuitive text-based editing with high-quality transcriptions
  • Repurpose long-form content into clips for social media


  • Editing tools are not available on the mobile app

4. Kapwing

Price: Free; paid plans from $16/mo

You can use your browser to access Kapwing, which is a helpful platform for AI video editing. Several practical, user-friendly tools are included in the AI-powered editing software. Kapwing can be used for a variety of tasks, such as making slideshows, text-based editing, and producing videos and memes. It’s a fantastic option for creating attention-grabbing short-form content.

Key Features:

  • Text-based video editing to remove sections
  • Automatic video transcriptions with subtitles
  • Generate videos and memes by ordering your editing concepts
  • Smart Cut AI tool automatically extracts silence


  • Frequent updates including new AI tools
  • Accessible without downloads straight from your browser


  • The free version leaves a watermark on videos and limits exports to up to 4 minutes long

5. Wondershare Filmora

Price: From $49.99 per year

Launched in 2015, Filmora gives video creators access to digital editing tools. Because of its simple and intuitive interface, both novice and seasoned content creators find the software to be a great option. You can add a variety of effects to your videos with Filmora’s extensive collection of assets.

Additionally, it supports quick rendering times, which improves editing and lets you get content in front of viewers more quickly. Moreover, Windows, Mac, and mobile devices can use Filmora. Additionally, you can edit video clips on any device of your choice by exporting them to the cloud.

Key Features

  • Intuitive and userfreindly Interface
  • Easy To Use to start working with.
  • Great Features to work on simple and intermediate-level projects.
  • Affordable Lifetime License
  • Great Final Video Results
  • Faster Renders And Previews
  • Supports Screen Capturing
  • Support Wide Range Of File Formats MP4, WMV, AVI, F4V, MKV, MPEG-2, WEBM, GIF, MP3, etc.
  • User Support Is Good
  • AI audio stretch
  • AI smart cutout
  • AI audio denoise
  • Auto frame
  • Silence detection

Pros Of Filmora:

  • Has a simple-looking interface
  • Easy To Use
  • Great Basic And Intermediate Features
  • Reasonable Lifetime Price
  • Faster Rendering Of Videos
  • Amazing Video Output
  • Supports Screen Recording
  • Support A Plethora Of File Formats
  • Comes With A Good User Support

Cons Of Filmora:

  • Lacks Advanced Features
  • Free Version Contains Watermarks
  • Works Only On Windows And Mac
  • Monthly And Yearly Plan Are Expensive
  • Frequent Lagging
  • 4K Editing Sucks

Why should you use AI video editing software?

The duration of time you can save by utilizing AI video editing software is one of its main advantages. Editing a single minute of video content can take an hour for inexperienced editors. Artificial intelligence (AI) software expedites a variety of tasks by finishing them automatically, saving you valuable time.

AI editing software is your best friend if you want to complete a video quickly and easily. Consider resizing a video for a certain social media platform. It can be difficult to have to finish this additional step before posting your content. However, you may complete the task with a single button click if you use AI software.

Your video footage can be analyzed by AI video editors. As a result, you can design your films, make highlights, and finalize your work with the help of certain applications. AI video editors are now practical platforms for making videos thanks to these features.


As they allow videos to be more relevant to the users, artificial intelligence (AI) video editing tools are a part of and the future of the video marketing process. Using the previously discussed AI video makers, brands can use data to inform their decision-making when creating more informative videos. Businesses have more access to data thanks to these tools and their algorithms. Try it out by downloading Filmora Business!

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