Top 10 BEAUTIFUL Russian commemorative coins

10. Russian (Soviet) animated cartoons’ series, Gena the Crocodile, 2020

9. 75th anniversary of the victory of the Soviet folk in the Great Patriotic war in 1941-1945’ series, 2020

8. Outstanding personalities of Russia’ series, A painter I. K. Aivazovsky, to the 200th anniversary of birth, 2017

7. Jewellery art in Russia’ series, ‘Sazikov’, 2016

6. Architectural masterpieces of Russia’ series, St. Isaac’s Cathedral by Auguste de Montferrand, 2014

5. 150th anniversary of the birth of A. P. Chekhov’ series, 2010

4. The window to Europe’ series, The deeds of Peter I, 2003

3. Russian ballet’ series, ‘The Nutcracker’, 1996

2. The explorers of Russian Arctic’ series, F. Nansen, 1995

1. Save our world’ series, The sable, 1994